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Essay on Draupadi Murmu | Draupadi Murmu par nibandh English mein | Draupadi Murmu Biography

Hello readers, hope you are having an amazing day. Sometimes you must have felt likewhat am I going to do in future? Will I ever be successful? such questions must have come in your mind. There have been times when you were at your lowest point and did not have thestrength to start everything again. Today we are going to read about a woman who hasachieved the greatest milestone in her life despite coming from a secluded background.

A girl was born in the village of Odisha in a tribal family. Her father and grandfather werethetraditional head of the village council. As the years passed many circumstances took placebut this did not waver her and one day she became the President of India.

Droupadi Murmu was born on 20 June, 1958 to a tribal family in Odisha. As it is observedthat generally the backward classes do not get an opportunity to come forward in thesocietybut she was built different.

“In order to achieve something big the main strategy should be pushing the boundaries.’’ Asit says living in an enclosed environment will lead to limited thoughts and therefore amediocre career but pushing that boundary will induce many opportunities. Let’s have a look at our respected President’s journey. Before entering the political world she worked as a teacher for a while and taught Hindi, Odiya, Maths and Geography. In the year 1997 the doors for the politics opened for her where she was elected as thecouncilor of the Rairangpur Nagar Panchayat. From the year 2000 to 2004 she servedastheminister in the BJD and BJP coalition government.While serving as the Transport minister
she had been credited for setting up all the 58 transport offices in Odisha


She is the first President that boasts of many firsts

The first one to attend the college from her community. She was the first woman governor
of India as well as the first President to be born after Independence and belonged to a tribal community. Our President’s success is really commendable and worthy of praise. It is easy to seethepeople climbing the ladder of success but the work that goes behind it, that should beobserved more. During her political career she was achieving great milestones but atimecame when series of misfortune hit her. During the span of five years i.e from2009 to2014many tragic incidents happened in her family. In the year 2009 her eldest son died of mysterious circumstances, moving on to the year
2012 her second son lost his life in a road accident. Later on in the year 2014 her husbanddied of cardiac arrest. The triple tragedy broke her. She decided to overcome this through meditation that’s when she first got connectedwiththe Brahma Kumari Sansthan in Mount Abu, since then she became an avid follower of meditation.

Tough times never last, but tough people do

In her case the death of her family members shattered her but she stood up again andstarted her life again. Here we can learn no matter what life throws at us we have tofaceit with a strong mentality. This is what will help us in the longer run. Years passed her career in the political field was thriving and then the time arrived whenshewas chosen and as the candidate for the Presidential elections. After the four rounds of
counting of votes, although she crossed the halfway limit in the third round only Droupadi
Murmu was elected as the President of India by defeating her opponent Yashwant Sinha. The moment it was declared that India’s new President is Droupadi Murmu the wholenationapplauded. It was a proud moment especially for the tribal community and the backwardclasses as she also belongs to a tribe. In the words of Our Honourable Prime Minister “India scripts Victory”. It indeed was infact it
was an extraordinary victory. She serves a remarkable example and an inspiration that youcan achieve anything you want just have a strong mind and overcome all the difficulties. Let us have an overview of Our respected President’s journey she struggled at early stagesand later on when everything was going on smoothly in her life a halt came when she experienced the loss of her close ones but that did not falter her and ultimately she becamethe President of India.
In the end I would like to conclude that do not care about people’s opinion if you have a clear mindset and vision then nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. There will betimeswhen you will face immense obstacles, in that scenario you have to dodge it and move forward.

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